Water conservation & Drip Irrigation

Water availability and shortages for domestic uses that are often attributed to climate change are often driven by the local presence of water in the region verses the increasing demands caused by population expansion, increase in commercial and personal usage that increasingly tax the available supplies. Therefore, human interventions to enhance the natural water usage has become more […]

Baobab- the next SuperFood.

The Baobab, a fruit that is indigenous to Africa, is one of the most nutrient-dense wholefoods on the planet. A single serving can have about 50% of your vitamin C requirement. It is also packed with Magnesium, Potassium, Iron, Calcium & Fiber. It has the highest antioxidant content of any fruit supporting a wide range […]

Farming & it effects on our environment.

From growing crops to processing, transporting, selling, storing and throwing away food – everything we eat has an impact on the environment and the climate. Although agriculture is essential in sustaining human life, the practices associated with it have been known to have certain impacts on the environment. The most notable of these effects includes […]

Natural labeling in foods: In meaning nearly anything, it effectually means nothing.

For Decades now, the word Natural has been so widely and frivolously thrown around by food companies that renders its use completely hollow. At its core, ‘natural’ means something that occurs in nature, in contrast to something that does not. However, as is evident when we walk into supermarkets today, pretty much all food combines […]

Eliminating unhealthy food- A manufacturers responsibility

Food manufacturers have the responsibility and opportunity to help people eat and drink better every day. Today consumers are increasingly trying to take the fight of obesity & diseases into their own hands by getting healthier, by eliminating foods that contain unhealthy ingredients & by applying a back to basics mindset with a focus on […]

Moving to Natural sources of Energy- good for the climate & good for business

Energy is the dominant contributor to climate change, accounting for around 60% of total global greenhouse gas emissions today. Most, if not all people recognize that climate change is a problem. Many are even making individual efforts to curb the problem, resulting in a wave of sustainability, climate change and environmental projects. Organizations (Companies, Factories, […]