Who are we?

About Us

We are growers and processors of dried tropical fruits, vegetables, chilies & other spices. Our guarantee of quality extends beyond processing and to crop plantation and harvesting. Our dried fruits and spices do not use anything artificial in the entire supply chain process right from crop plantation to final finished ingredient. We don’t just process food, we grow it.

All products are a 100% pure: additive free & sulphur free. We have excellent production & quality management teams, at the farm and the factory that work tirelessly to ensure that you only get the best quality products from us. Our customer service teams further ensure that you have a seamless experience once in contact with us. To know more download our Company Profile.

Dehydration Factory

Elven Agri owns an agro processing & dehydration factory (following adiabatic principles) capable of producing over 200 tonnes of dehydrated products yearly. Our factory is BRC- A certified & is the only one of its kind in East Africa. We can hold over 100 tonnes of stock in our temperature controlled warehouses; thus, allowing us to operate smoothly & cater to customer demand as required.

Our factory has been designed to minimise waste generation and disposal. The fruit and vegetable waste generated in the factory is used for Biogas production; by-product of which is further used as organic fertilizer. Water waste from raw material washing and cleaning is recycled using Phyto synthesis process. About half of the electricity consumed in the factory is generated via roof top solar plants and Biogas.

Check ideal times for placing large orders. We set ourselves high standards and guarantee 100% traceability of all products supplied.


Technology used

Elven Agri’s sophisticated and gentle drying technology offers the highest finished product quality, and safety with comprehensive customization capabilities. Our dryers operate at near ambient temperatures of about 45C to 49C while most other hot air driers operate at relatively higher temperatures. This allows our dryers to deliver products that are gently dried and capable of preserving nutritional values, structure, taste and flavour.


Our factory is BRC- A certified. It also adheres to USFDA FSMA regulations. Our farms are Organic & Rainforest Alliance certified.


We provide ingredients that have wide industry applications such as

Bakery, Meats, Sauces, Snacks,
Dressings, Prepared foods,