The quality and safety of our food is our top priority. Below are just some of the steps we take to ensure that the each Elven Agri product (& its Brands) you buy are safe to consume.

Factory Design


In order to ensure that our food is safe and of high quality, our food processing plant was designed with experts in the field to ensure that the factory is hygienically designed to make it easy to clean and maintain.


Raw Materials


Our approach to food safety covers the entire supply chain, starting with farmers and suppliers. We work with farmers to ensure the right farming procedures are followed to give them the best return for their crop. We follow rigorous procurement processes to ensure we buy consistent & high quality raw materials. This includes defining specifications for the fruits we use: right till the sweetness level in the fruit, and performing checks to ensure they always comply with our regulations.


Food Safety


Our BRC certified processing plant, is designed to ensure the highest quality and safety standards of Food. This includes preventing foreign bodies from entering our raw material, & preventing pests at each stage of peeling, cutting, dehydrating & packing. Our processing plant is built according to precise prerequisites, including those for a clean and safe water supply, air filtration, peeled waste output, factory waste water output and for all packing, storage and cutting materials come into contact with food. Our processing plant design and work guarantees that the materials, equipment and manufacturing environment are all designed to produce safe products.




Our processing process follows minimum to no altercation with the raw material. We use the best machines that deliver the safest possible products. We process our fruits at low temperatures to retain its nutritious value, while removing dangerous microorganisms and preventing the formation of any contaminants.




Before each batch of product leaves one of our plant, it always passes a final test to confirm it is safe to consume.




Packaging has a vital role to play in ensuring that our products reach consumers in a safe condition & give them the product life guaranteed. We ensure that all the dates mentioned on the packaging are correct to give consumers the best experience with our products.


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