It should be each person’s mission to live in harmony with all living things and the leave the planet in a better place than it was when they got here. This mindset becomes even more necessary to protect the planet from the many destructive practices we have developed over the years. The fate of the forests today can spell the difference between the success and failure in the race against global warming. Preserving Africa’s surviving tropical forests and planting new trees to replace those lost to deforestation could help reduce the severity of climate change by absorbing more carbon from the air, and ease the local impact of climate change by regulating local weather conditions.

When it comes to inspiring people to live in awe of nature & with a love for environment environmentalism doesn’t really cut it. Much like the word ‘sustainability’ it has become a hollow word today, a word that is divorced from meaning and lacking its real essence. This essence should consist, more than anything, a love of nature, a love for environment.

The best way to see this happen and to sustain it as a mindset for generations to come is to teach the children! To instill the love for environment in them.

Africa- instill the love for environment in children

Experiences with nature can stimulate a child’s own natural curiosity about their world. Experiences with nature can help children to develop a respect for living things. Children who come to appreciate living things and understand the importance of the relationships among them will be less likely to hurt or destroy them.

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Conservation is one of our primary agendas. Recognizing how vital it is that we include children in the conversation, we at Elven Agri have been working on giving a much needed platform to children. It is well known that young children learn best by interacting directly with their environment. Through Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots program, we’ve recently had our first batch of children come over to our farm to interact with, understand & learn about the environment.


Elven Agri farm visit

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