Energy is the dominant contributor to climate change, accounting for around 60% of total global greenhouse gas emissions today.
Most, if not all people recognize that climate change is a problem. Many are even making individual efforts to curb the problem, resulting in a wave of sustainability, climate change and environmental projects. Organizations (Companies, Factories, other businesses) are understandably some of the largest consumers of energy in the world; an unavoidable necessity. However, how the electricity is sourced has several options. Today, there are more renewable energy technologies available which have a variety of benefits to every kind of business, both large and small.

The costs of switching to Natural sources of energy are larger up front, though they save money in the future. Companies that do right by the climate don’t just make more money over time. They earn customer trust. If every organization around the world were to start implementing usage of Natural sources of energy, it would be a phenomenal step to foster a global value shift toward a sustainable and secure future. Most, if not all employees tend to build the company’s sustainability values into their personal lives.

Besides the environmental benefits, there are huge implications for the manufacturing sector and for national competitiveness. Companies that manage to transition effectively to low-carbon generation technologies are more resilient to energy cost fluctuations. Generating your own energy allows you as a business to control your own energy prices, allowing you to not be at the mercy of price rises by your electricity provider.

While it is a morally upstanding choice to make, switching to Natural sources of energy yield significant commercial rewards as well as the newer generation is more socially & environmentally conscious.

Elven Agri & our usage of Natural Sources of Energy

About 40% of the Energy used in Elven Agri’s Manufacturing plant is generated from Natural Sources such as Solar and Bio Gas & our Sustainability goal is to increase that to 60% by 2021. The key to realizing this goal has been involving employees every step of the way- – one that includes teaching, convincing, communicating, involving, supporting & encouraging participation in the process. We have engaged our employees and positioned processes for successful green implementation.

The global energy transformation is underway. Inevitably, it will affect national and industry competitiveness. Manufacturers and businesses have a large stake in managing this transition effectively, whether they’re driving the changes or just following them.

We’re driving the change in East Africa.


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