Elven Agri had started with a goal to sustainably grow and source agricultural raw material in order to develop edible, singe ingredient, products that are natural/organic and are without any additives. To build a sustainable business, we have made social responsibility one of our priorities . To accomplish our goal, we have embedded sustainability into every decision that we make. We have been developing and implementing crop-specific programs to enhance the economic well-being of farming communities, building coalitions with organizations that share similar goals and have been striving to develop change through key partnerships. To deepen our sustainability commitment, we have recently been certified Rainforest Alliance.

We aim to conserve landscapes by encouraging and incorporating efficient farming techniques and work our way up to bring the products to our customers. Along with this, we are focused on alleviating livelihoods of the communities that are part of our family specifically the farming communities. We believe that the only way to ensure sustainability is to deliver real value to the farmers.

The endorsement by Rainforest alliance depicts our dedication towards sustainability and our commitment to social, ecological and community welfare. It also certifies that our farming, sourcing and factory standards are mutually beneficial for the organisation, our people and our customers.

We see this endorsement as becoming a part of a bigger family of organisations that share the same goals and responsibilities as we do. Its a relationship that we are committed to nurture as it upholds our values. Remember that, when our customers buy Elven Agri products, they are not only investing in a great product, they are also preserving and strengthening the global ecosystem.

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