Sulphur free Dried Pineapple

Our favorite season!

Its our favorite time of the year. Christmas in our side of the world, brings with it: Mangoes, Pineapples, Banana’s, Papaya’s : and all things tropical!

It’s also our busiest time of the year. With the pineapples ready to be picked, our farms get busy with quality check controls and harvesting. Once harvested, these are sent straight to the factory. In the factory we start the process of fruit washing, peeling and cutting immediately. So what you get is sweet and freshly dried Pineapple. The sweetness of this Christmas season surpasses all others!

Sulphur Free

A lot of dried pineapples will come with sulphur- because that is the easy way out! Seeing the harmful effects sulphur has on the human body as well as the environment, we decided to not go down that route! Therefore, Elven Agri does not believe in anything artificial in the fruit. Fruit with anything artificial in it isn’t fruit! We are able to do this because of the proximity of our farms to the factory, the best drying/dehydration equipment the world has to offer and of course our beliefs!

Ask us for samples of our sulphur free Dried Pineapple if you’re interested in bulk purchases, and we would be happy to send some over to you.


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