We believe that the quality of the final finished ingredient depends largely on the quality of the raw material, the factory, the technology and the commitment of our employees. Elven Agri’s vertically integrated dehydration and processing operations manage the complete supply chain, from growth to harvest, to washing, sorting and gentle air drying, ensuring product safety and quality at every control point.

We own vast cultivation lands: with separate Fruit, Vegetable & Spice farms. Most farms are in the process of being Organic certified. Our organic farming will conform to the EU, US NOP and Japanese JAS standards. Besides sourcing from our own farms, we have formed long term partnerships and close working relationships with contract farmers in various climatic zones of Tanzania. This helps maintain availability of products through most of the year. We ensure close monitoring, knowledge and technological sharing with the contract farmers.


Community relationship building and positive environmental impact is at the core of all our sustainability efforts. Elven Agri taps into each aspect that would positively impact social and environmental concerns and enhance overall customer, grower and employee experience. Our sustainability principals come to life every day in our practices and company culture. Our farms have set rigorous Internal Environmental and Bio sustainability standards for site personnel and contractual farmers with an aim to minimize our impact to land, air and water resources. Systematic environmental programs have been put in place to conserve biodiversity in plantation operations.To minimise our water footprint, we have also invested in a comprehensive drip irrigation system.

We are incessantly increasing our Organic footprint to create a sustainable ecosystem which enables us to ensure safe food, good nutrition, animal welfare and social justice. We are in the process of getting SAS (Sustainable Agriculture Standards) certified. We are also continuously supporting our supply chain partners to apply SAS to generate ecological, social and environmental benefits. Our constant endeavour is to move our farmer
community away from sustenance & towards sustainable farming practices.

Farmer training programmes

We have been investing not only in superior technology at our farms, but also in supporting many farm training programmes. Small farmers normally suffer limitations such as: Lack of technical expertise, lack of commercial organization and poor land usage. In order to help the marginal and small farmers, we have established a strong agricultural extension team on ground which ensures that a functional link between surrounding farms, contract farms and our farm is created to help improve agricultural performance of all the farms in the vicinity.

Our Partners